Unhappy Sports Fans

I love soccer and going to a match, it is good fun. Over the weekend I went to a playoff game for the Columbus Crew, and it was a less than stellar game. While spectating in the avid supporter’s section there was one thing that I have a hard time understanding. That how here in the States it seems acceptable to bad mouth players, tell both players and refs they suck, and frightening still is the call for someone’s death. I mean seriously most fans are respectable people when encountered elsewhere but during a game they lose their social sense and find certain behaviors acceptable. Really how do people find it okay to chanting “A rope, a tree, hang a referee”?

Being a sports fan and having been to my share of different sports it doesn’t seem to matter, there are always those who lose their composure. I’m sure for some alcohol may be involved and be the cause of the slip of social sense, but that shouldn’t cause others to fall in line, so to speak. It’s not just at the pro or college level either, there are those that become aggressive at all levels of sports. Some sports are aggressive but that doesn’t necessitate aggressive behavior from fans at any level.

Like any sports fan I get upset at some calls made, but I don’t chant for someone’s death. I know the rules of the game, but lack the experience to make a rather quick judgement call. Unlike us fans, referees are on the field and see less than fans but have to enforce the rules, watch for player aggression, position themselves for the best vantage point, and keep control of the game. In most sports this all happens in an instant and don’t get to review calls. If you think you can do better, I encourage you to climb the ranks as a referee.

What I want to pose to my fellow sports fans, is simply don’t let go of your morals when watching sports. Trash talk is one thing, but don’t fall in line with others when they start chanting for taking someone’s life. That’s not what modern sports is about. How would you like to be verbally assaulted while you’re just doing your job?

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