This website is the result from a couple of bumps, years of creativity, and the desire to help others. How so?

It all started when I was child. I loved cartoons, playing games, and creating fantastical worlds with one wild imagination.

Like all kids though we don’t grow up without our bumps and scratches, two of mine involved things I love to this day.  One scar resulted from me not wanting to miss the Super Mario Brothers cartoon during a commercial. I quickly got up then bolted to the kitchen and caught my foot something on the floor then I found out that in a game forehead versus wall corner, the corner wins. Sadly I missed the rest of Super Mario Brothers, because when the corner wins the loser goes to the hospital. The second bump happened during a family holiday at my aunt’s house. My cousin and I invented our own way to play croquet, which involved one of us beat the ball up the hill while the other tries to stop it. It was a short lived game, as I found out the hard way. I was trying to beat the ball up the hill, while my cousin using the croquet mallet like a hammer accidentally found out that my head was not the ball. Thanks to my aunt I was stitched up and on the spot without seeing a doctor. Ever since then I haven’t played croquet.

A couple years later I learned of animated movies, video games, and super heroes. Ever since I saw my first movie, The Land Before Time, I was captivated by the world of cartoons. They would take you places where you could never go, see creatures come to life that didn’t exist. I wanted to do the same so I started drawing all my favorite characters and different worlds in which they lived. Eventually I learned of video games like Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man, and more which I began to create characters of my own that lived in the same realms. However it was my introduction to the super heroes like Spiderman, the X-men, Batman, and others that pushed me to create more.

As I grew up I was encouraged to try new things and reaching out to help others. Aside from my new creative experiences, helping others showed me another rewarding world. By helping on housing rehabilitation projects, tutor students, fundraising events, and more I grew to love assisting others with their problems or providing support when needed. What I like most about helping others is to see the relief and happiness when the problem they have been struggling with is gone.

In my adult life I have been lacking a space to show my work and share my knowledge with others. So I created this website to fill that gap and potentially help more others with what I’ve learned.