Social Sharing – there’s a time and place

The other night I attended the Gin Blossoms concert at the Ribs Burnoff, and many things crossed my mind. One in particular really stood out, which is why do we let social media distract us from what is in front of us?

The lead singer had 3 tamborines that he played and tossed out to the audience. After a while he started making comments to those that held the tamborines that they should stop taking pictures and participate since he was encouraging them to follow his lead. He even asked them to pass the tamborines to people who weren’t busy with their cell phones. Which reminded me of being in one of my college classes and the 1st year students refused to put away their phones, even after politely being asked to do so by the professor. Then one day my professor was not in the mood to deal with it, ended the lecture about the course work. Instead she gave a brief lecture about respect and texting or using their phones was disrespectful to her and the other students. She went on to say what’s worse is that those students were paying money to be there yet would rather be on their phones. So when I heard the lead singer comment on using phones and asking for the tamborine to be passed, he could have very well been annoyed.

Why do people have an urge to use their phones to share on social media in the most in opportune times or places? I understand wanting to share with friends, but a concert experience cannot be fully shared on the net. By seeing a photo or video is not the same as actually being there. Yet we forget that and let ourselves be pulled away from the event whether we pay money for it or not to interact with another world that will only provide you the feeling of plastic. Why as a society are we letting social media tug at us and distract from where we are and what we are doing. The idea of being social is not pressing a few keys and sharing with someone that is in some other location. When we want to be social we should be 100% in the moment with our friends and those we share the moment with.

Regarding the tamborine in the audience sure that’s cool and I’d want to share it with my friends. But I’d prefer to be playing along with the musicians on stage that I went to see. I don’t know about you but I’d prefer to create some long lasting memories but taking in everything about an event I can rather than alienating everyone and everything around me to play with my phone to create and share a stale memory. So next time you’re out being social do yourself and put your phone away.

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